• The Godfather

    The Godfather

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    The godfather. The biggest Italian produce hamper we do. Packaged in a hand crafted wooden crate, it really is a wow!

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    Villa Broglia Gavi white wine. Gavi has become a buzz word among lovers of Italian wines and the mineral, citrus crispness of this wine is exceptionally fine. It is produced from the Cortese grape variety. This regular award winner was even served at Pope John Paul 11's 25th anniversary. It is pure and fresh with citrus fruit and almond complexity.

    Ca’Bolani Frizzante Prosecco NV DOC -A fine award winning Italian prosecco made in Fruili, Northern Italy from premium estate grown grapes. 

    Belvoir elderflower presse.

    Seggiano organic liquorice 100g

    Crosta and Mollica, rosemary linguettes. These speciality crackers from Liguria are thick, crunchy and enriched with extra virgin olive oil and lots of fresh rosemary. Each one is stretched hand, producing a truly artisanal and authentically Italian treat. They are traditionally eaten with Italian hams and cheeses as an alternative to fresh bread and are also great as a snack on their own.
    Seggiano cantuccini biscotti - crunchy almond biscuits, which Italians traditionally enjoy dipped in Vin Santo after a meal. They are hand shaped into loaves which are baked and slice while still hot.

    Seggiano pasticcio del colle lingua di suocera pasta. 250g. Not traditional pasta, but they look great and are made using quality durum wheat and only natural colouring

    Seggiano Soft Almond Biscuits - The Marini family have perfected their Amaretti biscuit recipe over three generations. They prepare the almond dough themselves in their bakery, by freshly grinding current harvest nuts, using the classic, slightly bitter Prunus Amaraalmond variety, as the tradition of the true amaretto biscuit demands.

    Seggiano raw basil pesto genovese. this is made from the producer's own fresh. Ligurian basil. The tender leaves are washed, chopped and preserved in olive oil within hours of being hand picked.

    Seggiano Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut Organic Spread. 41% hazelnut content! Their chocolate spread is made by two brothers in Sicily. They use local Nebrodi hazelnuts. It is organic and vegan and doesn't contain palm oil, or even emulsifiers to marry the fat and water molecules, but are smoothed and creamed the slow natural way, by continuous stone grinding.

    Seggiano Large Traditional Torrone - Carmelo’s family have made torrone in Avellino, Campania, as far back as anyone can remember; he and his daughters use a mixing method which makes the torrone super light and clean on the palate - as the best classic torrone must be. Production starts with the Italian almond harvest and only first grade fresh Italian almonds will do. The honey from an Avellino beekeeper is organic and Carmelo uses free range eggs. 

    Seggiano Chocolate Clementines - Calabria is famous for the quality and sweetness of its citrus fruits. These typical Calabrian candied clementine chocolates are produced for Seggiano by the Garritano family, who have been making traditional fruit dolcetti for over a century in their small cioccolateria in Cosenza. Whole clementines are candied, using the traditional slow process of preserving fruits in sugar, then halved and covered in dark chocolate to make these simple dolcetti. The hint of bitter zest, sweet citrus and 72% dark chocolate combine divinely. Calabrian candied clementines dipped in dark chocolate.

    Seggiano Calabrian Fig Conserve. Calabria, the heel of Italy, is famous for the lusciously sweet dottato fig variety of the Cosenza area. This simple, pure fruit jam is made using just Dottato figs and lemon. It’s delicious for breakfast and compliments both soft and hard cheeses.

    Seggiano, Sicilian artichoke hearts - Giuseppe and Caterina live in the heart of Sicily's Niscemi artichoke growing region and specialise in preserving these nutritious thistle buds, in an excellent local extra virgin olive oil from Frantoi Cutrera.
    Seggiano olives Sicilian Etna. Nocellara olives are grown on the slopes of the Etna Volcano in Sicily. They are famous for their crisp texture and flavour. They are hand harvested and cured with salt in the old fashioned way.
    Seggiano Organic Buckwheat Digestive Biscuits, 150g. Deliciously simple. Handmade by family bakery in Puglia, Seggiano stoneground wholegrain Buckwheat Digestives are a source of fibre, iron and phosphorus. To live up to the name digestive, these biscuits use quality cold pressed oil and are both yeast and dairy free. Enjoy our typical Italian breakfast biscuit with both sweet and savoury toppings.

    Seggiano, oven roasted tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil. Sott'oli are prepared by small family-run food producers at harvest time, using entirely fresh vegetables and made without chemical additives or preservatives.

    Via Emilia capers in salt 80g. Via Emilia black olive pate 80g.


    Seggiano - Lunaio, olivastra seggianese extra virgin olive oil. It is made predominantly from the Olivastra Seggianese olive, which is unique to territories surrounding the village of Seggiano in Tuscany. It has a distinctive but delicate flavour, with a fresh olive fruit aroma, creamy texture, nutty taste and a balanced hint go pepperiness

    Hand Picked, Hand Wrapped and Hand Packed. They  will be beautifully packaged in one of our hand crafted, white wash wooden crates. Authentic Blue Star tissue, BSHCO ribbon, and one of our gift tags, handwritten with a personal message of your choice to the recipient.  Our signature Tin of BSHCo Star Mints is also included.







    • Villa Broglia Gavi. 75cl.
    • Ca’Bolani Frizzante Prosecco NV DOC.75cl 10.5%vol.
    • Belvoir elderflower presse 750ml.
    • Seggiano - Lunaio, olivastra seggianese extra virgin olive oil. 500ml.
    • Seggiano raw basil pesto.200g.
    • Seggiano Sicilian artichoke hearts 290g.
    • Seggiano olive Sicilian Etna 170g.
    • Seggiano oven roasted cherry tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 220g.
    • Seggiano Calabrian fig jam. 200g.
    • Seggiano organic crunchy hazelnut chocolate spread. 200g.
    • Seggiano chocolate clementines. 120g.
    • Seggiano organic buckwheat digestive biscuits, 150g.
    • Crosta and Mollica rosemary linguettes. 150g.
    • Seggiano soft almond biscuits. 210g.
    • Seggiano organic liquorice. 100g.
    • Seggiano traditional torrone, 250g.
    • Seggiano cantuccini biscotti. 200g.
    • Seggiano pasticcio del colle lingua di suocera pasta. 250g.
    • Signature BSHCO tin of star mints.


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